Now, Phoenix residents can strengthen our transportation choices by supporting Proposition 104. As a family man, business man and Phoenix Councilman I wholeheartedly believe that expanding transportation services will benefit and enhance our quality of life.

My support is a direct reflection of the diverse voices from the District I serve. The light rail line has strengthened our downtown and central core. The good hard working people from South Phoenix, Laveen, Estrella, Maryvale and Downtown want and deserve transportation options and connectivity to places they work, learn, shop, play and visit.  

Now, Phoenix can expect better transportation services and strong economic growth that will come with Proposition 104. We’ve already seen $7 billion in economic investment along the existing light rail line. Voting Yes, South Phoenix will see light rail down Central to Baseline and West Phoenix will see light rail come to 79th Avenue down the I-10 corridor. New bus service along with paved and expanded roads will reach the Laveen and Estrella areas, providing the economic benefit and convenience of the Phoenix transit system.

Now, Phoenix residents rely on public transportation to get to work, school and will provide the quality of life that this plan promises. Buses throughout the southwest valley will increase in frequency giving many much needed flexibility. Rapid bus transit for those going longer distances will also be added down Baseline Road and another route down 19th or 35th Avenue, in addition to longer hours and more frequency for existing lines.

Whether it be updated infrastructure, job creation, economic development, or a reliable way to get to work, Prop 104 is a home run for south and west Phoenix residents.

I urge all to join me in voting YES.


Michael Nowakowski
City of Phoenix, District 7