michael nowakowskiAll for Phoenix
All for a Better Life!

Michael’s business experience, proven leadership and commitment
to the City of Phoenix prepare him to:

  • Create top-paying jobs
  • Control City spending
  • Support programs for our youth and seniors
  • Improve educational opportunities
  • Support Fire & Police
  • Develop a better, smarter and more efficient government
  • Encourage growth and preservation of our neighborhoods
  • Accelerate business growth

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jobs now

Better Jobs

"Some of my proudest accomplishments during my time on the Council have come while collaborating with public entities and private corporations to bring top-paying jobs to the City of Phoenix."

Economy now

Better Health

"Having served as Councilman during tough economic times, I was inspired by the countless number of individuals willing to work together for the greater good. The future is looking brighter and I hope that I have helped to make it better."

education now

Better Education

"As your Councilman I work with the hope that my example of servant leadership will inspire young people to get involved in improving our community for generations to come. As a parent I have learned that children learn more from our examples than our words."